Real Estate in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a thriving real estate market and it is considered to be a solid and safe investment.  Real estate in Israel is always in high demand and Tel Aviv’s proximity to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea makes it a popular choice for real estate seekers.  Not only is Tel Aviv in an ideal location, but it is the center of culture and business in Israel. 

The Israeli Real Estate Market

One of the best investments, both long-term and short-term, is an investment in the Israeli real estate market.  Because there is a limited amount of space as well as a high birth and immigration rate, the demand for real estate in Israel is high.  Prices almost never drop in Israel because those already in the market want to maintain the highest quality housing possible.  Compared to other investments, the taxes on the Israeli real estate market are lower and can be a tax shelter for foreign investors.  There is also a need for construction activity in Israel and this produces a higher yield return for rental properties than the return on bank deposits.  Additionally, first time apartment rents are exempt from taxes according to the Tax Authority’s ceiling.

Many renowned international names have been drawn to investing in the Israeli real estate market.  These celebrities and entrepreneurs are seeking property that is located on the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea – particularly in places like Tel Aviv, Eilat, Herzliya and Netanya.  Ivana Trump, Madonna and other foreign investors are prime examples of those who believe the Israeli real estate is a fantastic investment.  Real estate agents in Tel Aviv evaluate each property based on several different characteristics including the location, environmental factors, physical appearance and structure.  The view from the living space is also an important factor in evaluating the value of real estate.  

This is one reason why the Meier on Rothschild owned by Berggruen Residential Company is so desirable.  Israel has a wide range of landscapes which also affects the value of the real estate.  For instance, views of the Mediterranean greatly increase the worth of any piece of property.  The location of the building in proximity to the sea is also important, particularly when it is combined with the landscape.  Other essential factors when assessing Israeli real estate include the proximity of the property to recreation areas, shops, schools and businesses.

The Popularity of the Tel Aviv Real Estate Market

Tel Aviv is arguably the most attractive real estate investment location.  Recently, Tel Aviv has blossomed into a real estate hub with luxurious skyscrapers springing up to compliment the city’s skyline.  While it is always possible that the real estate market will drop, it is unlikely that this will happen in Tel Aviv’s near future.  The value of Tel Aviv real estate has been on the rise for many years and the city continues to grow and incorporate additional residents.  Essentially, this means that the value of real estate will also continue to grow in accordance with its current trend.  Tel Aviv is the center of business in Israel which makes the real estate market appealing to both local and international business people and entrepreneurs.  Tel Aviv has the most expensive real estate per square foot in the world.

The brand new luxury tower, Meier on Rothschild, completely meets the essential needs of real estate investors.  This tower is located in the center of Tel Aviv’s business, cultural and shopping centers.  It is also close to kindergartens, recreation facilities, schools and other vital services and businesses.  Furthermore, these stunning luxury apartments feature magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and are relatively close to the famous white sand beaches of Tel Aviv.  The Tel Aviv land reserves are nearly over and these are the final lucrative opportunities for prominent investments in the White City.  


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